Virtual Body Positive Dance Classes

How does it work?

 It's a membership based virtual studio where you can celebrate your body through movement, right from the comfort of home! Dance and connect from any device, anywhere. Not ready for a membership? You can watch any of our videos a la carte!

Join our online community where you can learn beginner to intermediate dance moves in a safe space taught and inspired by plus size dancer and group fitness instructor, Jessie Diaz-Herrera. You will get step by step instruction as well as body positive affirmations to help guide your dance journey. 


From dance studios to family home videos, Jessie has been in the dance world since the age of 5. At the age of 12, her mom pulled her out of dance after a dance teacher told her to lose weight in order to continue with the studio. She left dance and dedicated her life to sports until college, where her love for hip hop dancing came alive. She soon began choreographing for college shows, local artists and social dance companies. She also is part of the body positive movement and encourages men and women to dance regardless of body types. Jessie now teaches in NYC and caters her classes around all body types and dance levels.

Connect With Others

Join a community who will respect and support you on your dance journey. 

24/7 Access

Have access to our videos anytime from your phone to your computer to your TV!