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30 @ 30 Six Month Update

Haaaaay Boos!

I know I'm greeting you like I just wrote yesterday, and you know that ain't nothing but a lie! Truth is, I never make time, when in fact I should. I've been using my Instagram as my blogging platform but I realized that I need to be a little more structured when it comes to that. So hold me accountable. Ok?!. mkay...I digress....

So I wanted to give you an update from my March post where I made a list of 30 things I'd love to do during the 30th year on this earth. Here is the original list:

So let's talk about what I've done so far in order of importance to me.

14- Swim with Sharks

This has been on my bucket list FOREVER. I mean I have a friggin' shark tattoo I love them so much! My sister (who is the ) made my dreams come true and took me on my first shark dive this summer. To say I was emotional was an understatement. If I could've cried underwater I would've. I'll just let the photo of me smiling from ear to ear prove it. Also look that's me in the cage!!! AHHH

01- Vegetarian for a Month

Let's face it. I'm not in my 20s anymore where I can drink and eat day old pizza like it ain't no thing. I had this first on my list because my body needed a detox. My whole life I've been lactose-intolerant but I'd just take a lactaid pill or two and say, "Bring on the cheeeeseeee, that yellow piece of gold" Because who can live without cheese?! On top of that, I also suffered from gastritis and adult acne.

Not only did I try to be vegetarian, I went FULL ON VEGAN! And you know what....that ish change my LIFE, like :clap: LET :clap: ME :clap: TELL :clap: YOU! My skin and my gastritis cleared like WHOAH! So much so that I decided to make a life decision. I am now a dairy-free pescetarian babe. I'll dedicate a whole post about that later because I can go onnnnn about this transformation but here are some of my fave dishes I've made. #iBeastintheKitchen

04- Perfect my Spanish

This one is really hard for me. Even though my first language was Spanish. I slowly lost the language as English was mostly spoken in my house and at school. While in college I started to feel self conscience when others tried to speak to me in Spanish and I could barely keep up the conversation. I took classes here and there but always felt embarrassed being the only Latino enrolled and felt ashamed that I couldn't keep my culture's language alive in my life. Well, I'm proud to say that I've been practicing so much that I had a political conversation in 80% Spanish!!!! Little words here and there I needed translated but for the most part in my ancestor's native tongue. Preparate Gente! Ya'll ain't ready for me! My next level is to read a book in Spanish to keep practicing. Any recommendations?

07- Try Crossfit

I've always wanted to try Crossfit after lifting weights with a personal trainer a couple years back but the memberships were so expensive. I kid you not, after putting this list together God came through! Seriously, when you start to pray for things to happen in your life and put them on paper amazing things happen. (10sec PRAISE BREAK ).

My job started to offer FREE Crossfit classes 2x a week before work. $FREE.99! The day I actually turned 30 was my first day at Crossfit. I remember a photoshoot where I couldn't lift 50 pounds off the floor. I had to take the photo just prepping. (See below)

Now I'm proud to say I can lift more than 50 above my head! My goal is to continue to build my strength and even compete in the future.

25- Fundraise for a Cause

This was near and dear to my heart because I combined two things I love- dance and serving the Lord. I was able to host a dance fundraiser (dance-a-thon) through my church to raise money for our sister churches in Peru who needed a new building after their walls fell apart from storms. We raised over $3.5k which helped provide the foundation for their walls. I was so happy and even more elated when my family participated and put on their dancing shoes! Check out my mom and sisters and I get down:

02- Volunteer for an Event

I decided to be more proactive at work and really dig into the schools I help parents enroll into (my day job is an Enrollment Sr. Manager for a network of charter schools). I volunteered at a handful of events this year and really felt a deeper connection with what I do as a career. I believe so much in the work my schools do and seeing it first hand at the schools made me proud of what I do and why I continue to fight for parent choice and quality education regardless of zip code.

Here are some other's I've accomplished:

06- Relaunch my Website

Do you like it?!

17- Be featured in a Plus Size Brand

More about this in a future post.

18 - Redecorate my Apt

Added a library and reading corner. I'm 1/2 through my 10 books for the year goal!

26 -Re-pierced my Nose


30- Take a Romantic Vacation

Blog Post coming soon about my amazing honeymoon in Barcelona!

Until next time...

Dance it Out!