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Try It Out Series - Killer Moves

So this post will be near and dear to my heart. Mostly because my good friend Meliza Fernandez is the founder of Killer Moves and her company Killer Bodies, but also because I have seen this whole company come together from its inception. She started KB while she was pregnant and added Killer Moves 2 years later while carrying her second child. She inspires me everyday to go for my dreams no matter what life brings.

Meliza is a FIERCE instructor. She is full of energy, full of loud cheering and will push you to get the job done. She is also known as Murda Mel because during a workout of hers, you'd feel as though she is killing you. But she always reminds you that if it hurts its because you're doing it right and pushing your body to change. I often think she is also called Murda Mel because she SLAYSSSS everything she does. She is currently 8mo pregnant and teaching KB everyday while raising a toddler and being a wife. Truly a Wonder Woman in my eyes. I wanted to get her words into this blog post because her words are always inspirational to me and hope it will be to others. Check out our interview below.

Jessie: So what is Killer Moves?

Mel: Killer moves is the newest addition to killer bodies. It's a choreography based dance class. First 15 minute is a HIIT warmup and the next 45 we focus on learning and cleaning up choreo and we spend the last 15 minutes performing it.

Jessie: I love this class so much for obvious reasons being a dancer and wanting to use more of my muscle to dance but what do you love about the class?

Meli: Dancing is what I've done and loved my whole life. I wanted to find a way to bring it to people without dumbing it down. There's a level of focus that's needed to learn and understand the choreo. I love to see people transform to tell a story with their bodies, it's not about the level you are on, but how much you can let go and open up. Dance is always about fully embracing YOU.

Jessie: Why is it a great workout?

Meli: By nature I'm pretty intense, so anything attached to my name I try to keep as true to me as possible. Our warmup is focused on hitting all major muscles with a mix of fast and isolated movements. The first 15 minutes of class is to get your heart rate up, push you to the max so you can get out of your head and activated all the body parts needed for the routine. The repetitiveness in learning the steps is great for toning and the performance level, executing to your full capacity in between will keep your body guessing and engaged through the full 75 minutes.

Having struggled with body image issues my whole life, I knew off the bat that the most important thing I wanted to create was the environment. I do push hard and will make you want to give more because there's more in you but it's always welcoming. t's non competitive, it's a space for you to LIVE, a space where you allow growth, and safely open yourself up to new experiences.

The beauty of dance is it's freedom. You are free to embrace every ounce and inch of your body. Only then is when you see that magic happen. I tell my girls all the time, if there's more to love then it will only be more magical.

Want more of Meli and Killer Bodies or Killer Moves? Check out the schedule on Class Pass and MindBody or check out her Instagram @_killerbodies_

Dance It Out,