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Try It Out Series- Bhangra Fitness Class

Ever since college, I was obseeeeeeeeeeessed with Bhangra. On our dance team at Babson we had some choreographers from India who would perform amazing Bollywood and Bhangra dances. As a hip hop dancer, Bhangra had that bumpin' beat and high energy I loved so much about dancing. I haven't dance Bhangra since then (8 years ago) so wanted to try this new fitness class from NYC Bhangra.

Megha, the instructor, introduced herself and the workout before the class. "What's the one thing you noticed most about Bhangra dancers?" I replied, "Their smile" and was correct as she proceeded to tell the class to smile, enjoy and have a good time.

"I love that Bhangra gets everyone in a happy, fun mood. Bhangra is a great cardio dance workout because you enjoy foot tapping music while you learn a new form of dance. An hour of Bhangra in a classroom is equivalent to running for an hour on a treadmill."- Megha Kalia

We went straight into it starting with a good stretch. And when they say this class is an hour, it's a FULL hour of non stop dance. The music was high energy and fast, the moves were fun, and Megha, with a constant smile, pushed us through the full hour with mini breakdowns of certain moves, reminders to smile and keeping the energy up.

Dance It Out,