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Fat Flashdance

Since I could remember I was obsessed with Flashdance the movie. The iconic movie was the subject of so many photoshoots and recreated music videos. Re-watching it now as an adult, I realize how relate to Alex so much more now. She was trying to make a name for herself and no one took her seriously. It took believing in herself and going for it with guts and all! Did you know Jennifer Beals had a body double?! They chose a more fit double to play her roles when she was dancing and closeups of her body. I learned about just a week after I decided I wanted to do this video. And this really made me think hard about what I wanted to represent.

I wanted to recreate Flashdance for me and other BoPo warriors. I wanted to make a fun yet gutsy version of Flashdance that would cater to self-love. I decided to focus less on the dancing and more about my body, how it moves, how it shakes, how it's fun. This is for Body Positivity and showing people we can move no matter our size, but also have lots of fun with it.

So let's live in our body and show the world we are sexy, we can dance, and we are awesome! My rolls, my cellulite, my thickness is ME. I love every cell in my body and I want you to do the same. Let us dance in happiness and rejoice in our bodies.