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Jessie's 30 at 30

Ever since I was 12, I thought 30 was the best age you could be. You wouldn't be too old, but you'd still be young yet successful and possibly married and have a house or an established position in a company. At 12, all those things sounded reasonable. I laugh now thinking how silly that was. But at the same time, I look at myself and think, "Hey at 30, I'm doing pretty well!" I'm actually trying to think how I can top 29, because boy was that a year! From getting married and surviving my first year of motherhood to landing a couple of plus size modeling gigs- 29 was good to me! So I decided to make a list for my 30th. Things I've wanted to do in my 20s but didn't and things I'm hoping to accomplish at this stage in my life. So here is my 30 things to do at 30. Have you done any of these or wish to? Which ones? Let me know! I'll be sharing my progress monthly and let you all know how it's going. Can't Wait!