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Turning Negatives into Positives

I cannot tell how GRATEFUL I am. Because let me tell you, my body is not at it’s peak. 3 years ago I was dancing 4x a week with leg and arm muscles. I was “fit thick”. When I got pregnant I still worked out but only 2-3 times a week. I was loving my body. I was still fit with a cute belly. Then 8 months I doubled in size, my water started to grow inside and I could no longer workout. I was tired, I was irritable, and I was frustrated I could move around as quickly. When I had Violet I was in mommy heaven. I was breastfeeding and lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. I was nailing it! Then I had to go back to work…. My milk started to dry up because I was working 9-11 hour days. My stress level was high because I wanted to stay home but couldn’t afford to. I gained 15 pounds of the 20 pounds I lost… I became depressed, frustrated, and angry with myself and my partner. He would try to comfort me and I would cry. I couldn’t go back to dance because I came straight home every night for the baby. I went from dancer to working mom and began to regret my life. It wasn’t until my husband told me to start blogging again and to try to channel that energy into something that would uplift me. I started by added old pictures to of me. The good old days. And as I started to post more I felt a change. I started to look at the BoPo community and became inspired. I began to take class once a week. And said, “ok this day is for me. I may not be able to dance everyday but I can do this one day for myself and my confidence and health”. And who knew that months later I’d be approached to be a part of such an amazing campaign at my “WORST”. At a time where I am the fattest I’ve ever been. I can’t tell you how grateful. How God can really turn something so ugly in my head to a major blessing. I may not look like where I was pre-baby, but dammit I’ve done a heck of a lot more being fatter and a mom! I’m so grateful and I thank my family and friends who’ve stuck through all my complaining. I’m a woman of faith and it’s pays off everyday