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Quality Over Quantity

Hey guys I wanna talk a little bit about content. I've been getting a lot of messages about advice for brands to notice one's accounts. "How can I get brands to notice me?" or "How do I take the steps to being a plus size model?" To be honest, there is no ONE way. Many people have been seen by brands based on recommendations, hashtags they search, popular accounts, model contests and more.

But what I will say that if one thing matters most it's the quality of your content and being your biggest advocate. It doesn't matter how many followers you have, I don't have enough to be considered "popular" but what I do have is engaging content that allows my followers and those I also follow to interact in a way that makes us all feel loved and welcomed and open. I love to connect with everyone. You send me a message and I'll respond within that same day! You have to show your worth and not focus on numbers. Focus on what makes you so unique. If you wanna be a model, great. Participate in contest, photograph your journey. Don't post a million selfies, that's not model content. Focus on what you want brands to see. It's about your personality and how that shines through. Also meet people! Don't just take pics, go out there and network. And then take pics of those moments. I cannot tell you how much influence and admiration I have for people like @lapecosapreciosa @suitsheelscurves@mynameisjessamyn @allisonkimmey and so many more! Not only do I love their content but I engage with them. Ive asked them many questions and sought advice. Also never stop pushing yourself! I'm not where I want to be. I am so grateful for what God has given me this year but I keep pushing for more. Because you can never be stagnant. Keep pushing, keep being creative, keep being awesome. I hope this helps someone tonight! ❤️

Dance It Out, -Jessie