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Have you ever felt burdened by your weight? Or even other things in your life like anxiety, stress, work, money, being lonely? What if I told you, that you can be FREE from all of those things? What if I told you there was someone else who already took all those burdens for you and gave you freedom to live in peace?

With Christmas coming I wanted to talk about accepting the GIFTS of what God has given to us and not to worry about the things that are temporary. I ACCEPT that the Lord has given me a gift to dance, and as a curvy woman, I have a platform in which to stand out! I will no longer be burdened by my weight and the 'setbacks' I only created upon myself but rather focus on the future and what's to come of my brand! I AM FREE from doubting myself, from stopping myself, from delaying my progress. Stress is temporary. Financial struggle are temporary. Your body can fluctuate. Your state of mind can fluctuate. But your gift is always there, USE IT!! BE FREE. Will you BE FREE with me? Comment on what you think your gift is and how you will use it in the new year!