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Fat does not = "I can't"

Let me clear up some rumors... "How could she be a dance guru and still be fat, if she dances all the time, wouldn't she be skinny already?!" Ok let me start by saying this was a comment left on my LB video. And while my video says to "never focus on the doubters" I want to address this because everyone might not be able to not focus on that comment. I'm addressing it because it's a valid question. Especially because a plus size woman wrote under her comment "yes I'm wonderful the same thing because I want to lose weight. So can I can I not lose weight from dancing?" This prompting me to answer the question even more for her sake. Yet, even after I answered it the original commenter proceeded to bash me so I ended the conversation. If someone is curious about your talent and how your weight affects it I think it's fair to be honest. But if they are straight hating and bullying, delete comment and move on! But to address this question, I don't think that is a fair assumption to make. You have to exercise and eat right, its not just about exercise to lose weight.Also when your body is used to the same movement it hits a plateau. You can lose weight if you did the same workout for two weeks, but after you need to change in order to push your body to go harder and not be accustomed to said activity. So with that said, I also had a baby about 6 months ago during this shoot yet still had the confidence and energy to bust out some moves. It wasn't even dancing much since I had my daughter, probably once a week. I also danced while pregnant! Not as much either but I tried to stay active. IT'S ALL POSSIBLE! Anywho I hope your journey to love yourself continues and that's it's ok to talk candidly about exercise and body positivity. Share your comments if you wanna talk more about exercise as a plus size lady. Happy Sunday. God Bless.

Dance it Out, Jessie