21 Day

Rhythm & Release Challenge

Your year-altering body positive journey starts now. 

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Hey Beautiful People,

We know January's social media feeds are full of diet programs, appetite suppressants, workout regimes and low-cost gym memberships, and now Capitol riots. But let's keep it real, this year should start with affirming the amazing person you are and the amazing things your body can do or learn to do.


My journey of self-love happened through movement and affirmations. These two things have been a staple in my teachings as well. That's why I created this online 21 day challenge! 


This program is not focused on weight loss or food portions, rather on self-love and movement. In these 21 days we'll discuss body topics, recite affirmations, raffle prizes from our sponsors, virtual dance classes, mini workouts and much more in our private FB group!


We'll hear from some BoPo babes about love, mental health, workout tips, and fashion. This group is limited as to create an interactive and supportive community during these 3 weeks.

Sign up now to claim your spot for $21.00. That's only $1 a day to learn how to love yourself more and set your year off right. Challenge starts on January 24th (last day to join is January 23rd).

So excited!


Let's turn 2021 into the year of self-love

"Every day I am reminded to love myself, respect myself, and to let go of things I can’t change.  I’m glad to be doing the challenge again. I could use a kickstart and reset." 



 - Jill I., 2019 Challenge Member

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21 Days. Only $21.