Hi Beautiful, 

Spring is here and we need to clean up our act! You may have had the winter blue, but babe, 'tis the season to brighten up your soul. Join a group of women who are looking to do the same. 


This program is not focused on weight loss or diet culture, rather on body positivity and learning what your body can do and appreciating it for what it has done thus far! In these 21 days we'll discuss body topics, write affirmations, have some virtual dance classes, and much more! We'll hear from some BoPo babes about love, mental health, food, workout tips and fashion. This group is only open to 25 people as to create a small yet supportive community during these 3 weeks.


Are you with it?! Click the button below to join in for just $25!


You will receive a virtual workbook a couple days prior to the beginning of the event. 

So excited!


Spring Clean Your Confidence